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CSR Report 2015

CSR Report 2015

Letter from president of the management board

Dialogue with stakeholders, taking care of security and responsible management are the priorities that we set out on our way to sustainable development.

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Mirosław Siwirski

President of
the Management Board
Director General of PCC EXOL SA

Rafał Zdon

Vice President of
the Management Board

PCC EXOL SA in numbers

Over 350 customers worldwide are supplied with our products

40 olympic swimming pools can be filled by our production capacity

Almost 423 million PLN is the company's revenue generated in 2015

Almost 300 products are produced for many industrial branches

12 billion people can once wash thier hair with a shampoo formulated on the base of our one product annual capacity

117 thousands tonnes yearly is the performance of our production facilities

38 Mount Everest heights would have a tower made of barrells filled with our annual production capacity

Long-term Goals

  • Maintaining market leadership

    in Central and Eastern Europe and further development by expanding markets in the Middle East, Africa and the Pacific

  • Intensive development

    of the production of specialty surfactants for industrial applications and the increased sales on new markets

  • Manufacturing of products

    offered to customers in accordance with all legal, economic, ethical, environmental and social standards.

  • Increasing margins

    in the portfolio of bulk products

  • Improvement of Research & Development resources

    for increasing Company's potential and promptness of new products' development and implementation

  • Strengthening of own position

    in currently supplied markets

  • Investments in new production capacities

    increase of amphoteric surfuctant production capacity of 2,000 t to targeted level of 10,000 t

  • Maintaining the growth rate

    of customer satisfaction indicator (CSI)

Our values

  • we implement modern technology, we are looking for new applications for our products and develop new solutions for our customers

    Development through Innovation

  • we perform our work with passion, joy and satisfaction of customers encourage our creativity, we are not afraid to plunge into bold projects, we are open to new ideas and we come up with our own initiatives

    Passion for creation

  • we operate in a fair and transparent way, always act in accordance with applicable law, we respect the laws, customs and culture of all our stakeholders

    Honesty and transparency

  • operate in accordance with accepted principles of ethics, we respect human rights, promote diversity in the organization, we care about the environment, we support the local community

    Social responsibility

  • we care about safety in the workplace, identify risks and counteract potential threats, use good practices in the field of quality and safety of our products


  • complement our knowledge and share it with our colleagues, improve skills and eager to gain new experiences, learn about the latest trends and participate in their creation, we would use the knowledge and experience of our stakeholders

    Continuous improvement